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Recruitment requirements

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Recruitment requirements

Post by Mr_Kinetic on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:24 pm

Here you can find the list of all classes, minimum levels and additional criteria regarding characters we are recruiting.

Character you are applying with must be your main character and not an alternative one.

Before being permitted to join, not only officers, but members as well will take part in evaluating your application, moreover, their opinions and possible past encounters with applicants will be taken into our consideration.

Only applicants who have filled out the application form will be able to join, therefore just expressing your wish to join in the game is not enough.

Blademaster: 90
Wizard: 90

Barbarian: 90
Venomancer: 90

Cleric: 90
Archer: 90

Assassin: 90
Psychic: 90

Seeker: 90
Mystic: 90



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