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Allied RPK Report Guide/Requirements

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Allied RPK Report Guide/Requirements

Post by Verdya on Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:24 pm

If you are PKed by a guild that you shouldn't be PKed by (Currently Mayhem, Pilipinas, and FrenchKis should not be PKing any of you, nor should you be PKing them), what we ask is that you immediately take screen shots (see below for directions on taking screen shots and where to locate them in your computer) documenting the 'You were killed by ___", any conversations prior to that, and the Damage Log so as we can know that they hit you first. Then, you will come to THIS section of the forum, create a new topic, and title it "I was killed by ____". Write out a description of what happened, giving as many details as possible, and attach the screen shots by uploading them using the 'Host an image' button, located above the text box. Once you are finished with the report, simply click 'Send'. The officers will handle it from there, and you will be notified of the outcome for the individual that PKed you. Smile

Remember, it is extremely important that you do this ANY time you are PKed by an ally. Even if, afterward, you talk it out with the other person, it still needs to be reported. It defeats the purpose of the alliance if everyone is killing each other anyway.

Explicit instructions on how to take a screen shot in game:

This is easy. On your keyboard, find the button that says, 'Prt Scr". Press the button once you have your chat log where you need the picture to be taken, meaning scroll up if need be on both your Damage Log and Normal Chat, so as you show the first hit and the 'You were killed by'. You can also use the f9 key, but doing that means that your General Chat and Chat Box will not be in the shot. So it is not recommended to use the f9 key for any RPK reports.

Where to find the Screen Shots you take in the game:

Click on My Computer on your start menu. Double Click on the C drive (If you're on an HP computer it reads 'HP (C:)'. I'm not sure about other computers, but it's going to be similar.) Double Click on the Perfect World Entertainment file. Double click on Perfect World International. Double Click on 'element'. Scroll down to 'screenshots' and open that file. There you will see ALL screen shots you have ever taken, in order of the oldest being first, newest being last.

Explicit instructions on how to Host images on the forum:

1. Click on the Host an Image icon, located above the Text Box when you are replying or creating a new topic. Click Choose File, and pick the image you are wanting to post. Click Host Image. The image will upload, this could be instant or take a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the image itself, the speed of your computer, and the speed of your internet. Once the image has been uploaded, you will then have 3 links in the box. Simply copy the MIDDLE link, and paste it into your message in the Text Box. The picture will then be shown when you post your message.



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