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Selling Items

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Selling Items

Post by LadyKatve on Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:27 am

Items for sale/trade:

Demon Earthen Spirit – Psychic skill book
Demon Landslide – Psychic skill book
Sage Blazing Arrow – Archer skill book
Expert Apocthecary Skill Book
TT70 Arcane top Snow Dance Robe 2 sockets with garnets
Requiem Blade one socket sapphire shard

I also have a couple Warsong Emblems, a couple of molds, and a few high level TT mats, a couple mid lvl channel rings, and some odds and ends up for sale. (West Archo at 527,653. But not always up, and it’s under the toon name DTines)

I’m willing to trade or sell these items. I also have a shop with them in it but it’s not always on so if you want something poke me and I’ll see if it’s still in my shop (they’re just slow moving and I dunno what else to do atm) I will give family discount on these items or am willing to trade.

If trading, I am seeking:
Any demon cleric books (besides plume shot, cyclone, and wings of protection – got those)

I am trying to save up coins to get another Auspicious Ring: Order so I can have two on my cleric cause the ring he has is not that great and the other AR:O ring I have I swap between cleric and veno.

Also would like a price check on a Auspcious Ring: Order too, just to give myself a rough idea of how much I need to save up please and thank you :3

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