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Post by Aqalina on Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:35 am

During the Attack on Archosaur I was grinding my usual area in south arch and had a venomancer from a small faction that was taking my drops and pulling mobs off my pulls. I warned them to stop and back off but they continued so I killed them. about 20 mins later TankMaul from Mayhem comes charging over the hill and attacks me. I ran away, pming him with "wtf" and "Allied factions, stop" (i don't have SS of this im sry due to squad/faction chats). When he kept pursuing I stopped and typed again "wtf Allied factions" but he kept attacking. So, to prevent my charm from being ticked repeatedly and to prevent me from dropping items ( I was 2 hours red from killing the veno) I killed TankMaul. At this point he replied to me saying that I had killed his brother. I told him that it didn't matter bc we were in allied factions and he shouldn't have attacked. He repeated his reason, and I told him that it was bc his "brother" had been stealing off my pulls. He claimed it was impossible for his brother to steal from me bc he (the brother) wasn't a sin. I told him it was drops being stolen and mobs being stolen from my pulls. I then told him I was going to report him for the attack, to which he stated " LOL I Don't Care".


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Post by Mr_Kinetic on Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:05 am

Verdya has forwarded this to the Mayhem forums.



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